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Electrical Installation Condition Report - Cover Sheet

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Electrical Installation Condition Report - Cover Sheet

Post by terry gray on Fri Apr 20, 2012 6:37 am

In my travels around the region undertaking A/C assessments, a lot of contractors ask my opinion about the use of Electrical Installation Condition Reports - in particular what should they do when a client asks for a so called 'clean report' for insurance or other purposes? Firstly, I tell them that they should not be dictated to by the client about what they should, or should not record on the document, as its purpose is to faithfully detail every defect found in an existing installation. They then go on to ask if they undertake remedial works at the same time as the periodic inspection can they issue a clean report?

Having given this matter some thought, I felt that there was a compromise to be made in the form of a cover sheet I've called a Declaration of Conformity' - please see draft sample below. This idea is not a new one and has been discussed before at NICEIC H.O., but for some reason kicked into the long grass!

The idea of using this document is to confirm that the electrical installation is in a SATISFACTORY condition following remedial work for which appropriate Minor Works or Electrical Installation Certificates have been issued. These documents can then be bundled with the report together with the Declaration of Conformity on top stating the electrical installation is now deemed to be in a safe condition. This document has been used by some of my contractors who think it is a very useful. A draft version of the document below is also currently under consideration by the NICEIC technical panel a copy of which is available on request

Declaration of Conformity

The following work has been carried out in reference to the Electrical Installation Condition Report detailed below.
Any work carried out on this report should also be accompanied by the relevant certification, i.e. Minor Works, Installation Certificate, Fire Detection certificates etc.

Post Code

Section A: Details of Original certification this report relates to.
Report type Report Number Report Date

Section B: The following work was carried out as per observation sheet of above report.
Work description (Work carried out) Date complete Previous Item number Related certification No.
i.e. Replaced broken socket (front bedroom) 01/01/2011 2 IMN2 / 123456

Section C: Details of observations still outstanding.
The work below is still outstanding as per previous report.
Work Description (Work still outstanding ) Previous Item number Code

Section D: Assessment
This property is now seen to be in SATISFACTORY condition.

Section E: Declaration

Signature……………………………. Name (Capitals)…………………………...

Position……………………………… Date………………………………………..

terry gray

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Re: Electrical Installation Condition Report - Cover Sheet

Post by yvonnew on Sun Jun 03, 2012 12:32 am

Hi Terry yes I get the same query regarding remedials etc and 'clean' PIRs etc can you email the document to me so I can take a look?
What I have been saying to the contractors I visit if this is raised is to recorde the observation and code it accordingly and then right RECTIFIED after the observation as this is then a recored of the defect and the fact it has been repaired correctly then the PIR could state satisifactory


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