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regulation 537.1.4

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regulation 537.1.4

Post by iant on Fri Sep 07, 2012 3:59 am

Hi all,

An old chesnut for comments, I remember when I was on the other side of the fence having an Assessment by Keith Scott (AE11 1990's) and he commented that the installation did not have A main switch on the installation (two D/B's with individual isolators was the senario from what I remember) and we got into a discussion and Keith stated that every installation shall have A main switch, I replied that would mean that most on/off peak domestic installation would fall foul of that regulation, his reply was install a four pole isolator, as you can imagine that idea never got put into practice by myself. I have since been asked about the correct meaning of this by numerous contractors both my own A\C's and on tech help. My view has been as long as each DB has an isolator capable of isolating from the supply, and where required a warning label informing to isolate at more than one pont and if there is a bus-bar chamber, this must have a isolator before it. In this case I would consider the installation to start from the protective device enclosure i.e. the DB, what do others think and how do you interpret for assessment, bearing in mind the PV installations in domestic are now having "Garage" boards installed so we might now have numerous DB's in an installation.

any thoughts



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